Sermons from April 2017

Sermons from April 2017

The Forgotten Day in the Life of Jesus

There are many days in the life of Jesus that we remember: his birth, his crucifixion, his ascension. But most likely there is one day in his life that most of us has forgotten. Do you know what it is? This week Richard will tell you all about it. Did you guess right?

Raised To Die No More

This week Richard explains how in Christ we will never truly die. But we have been raised, as Jesus was raised from the dead to never die again. Death is a facto of life that many people live in fear of and are a slave to. However, with Jesus Christ as our savior, we who are in the Kingdom of God need never live in fear of death.

My Body, My Blood

On the day before his death, Jesus came together with his Apostles to eat the Passover Meal, remembering God’s great deliverance of Israel from their years of slavery in Egypt. This would be no ordinary night. Jesus would take the bread and cup of the Passover meal and reinterpret them in terms of his own body and blood.
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