Sermons from June 2017

Sermons from June 2017

Tick Tock, the Game is Locked

As we live out our lives and strive to be a good Christian and All people everywhere struggle with different forms of prejudice. Though we know God’s love is universal, and long to love people as God does, we can still find ourselves slipping into subtle forms of discrimination. Let us look into our hearts and make certain we are ready to share the good news of Jesus with…

Phillip: Portrait of a Servant

Phillip is a prime example of what a servant should be.  As we live out our lives and strive to be a good Christian and a helpful member of the Family of God, be are called to be as Phillip was. Richard explains this as he delves into this week’s lesson.

Never Too Old

The world today seems to regard the elderly as a nuisance.  Old people are a debate when it comes to politics and the economy. The young see their older counterparts as a drain on their future resources. The story is quite different in the Kingdom of God, however. Getting on in age amongst the followers of Christ is seen as not only a good thing, but a means to achieve…
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