Sermons on Christian Living

Sermons on Christian Living

Finding Yourself at the Cross

We all have places that make us think. Many of them connect us to our heritage and family. The cross is THE place that grounds us in our spiritual heritage. As christians, we go to that place to regroup, to find balance and to contemplate who we are. While we go to certain geological locations to perhaps find peace of mind, or get away from stress, or to just get back in…

Any Bush Will Do

When God wants to accomplish something, any bush will do, or, any person for that matter. God uses the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary.  Just as there was nothing superb or extraordinary about the bush that God chose to talk to Moses through, we are all common people. However, through God’s power and grace, we can do wondrous things in His name!


Inertia is a scientific law of the universe. Without digging into Hawkins or Einstein or Newton, a simple way to put it is: “an object which is in motion, tends to stay in motion while and object at rest tends to stay at rest.”  All matter in the universe obeys this law. Things do not want to change; this applies to people as well. There is a spiritual lesson in this.…

The Horrors of Sin and the Wonders of Grace

The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news. But it is good news in response to some very bad news, in fact the worst news of all. Paul states in Romans 3:23: ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ Because of our sin, we are all lost, doomed without any hope. But Paul continues, ‘And are justified by his grace as a gift, through the…

Looking For a Goat

Special Guest! J. J. Turner has a special history and relationship with Newland Street. He was the minister here before Richard Shields.  Brother Turner was the Dean at the Bear Valley School of Preaching in Denver Colorado and has preached in many congregations in the US and globally. He is our guest speaker this week!

The Simple Cross

This week we welcome our newest minister to Newland Street and our newest member of our family! Introducing Mr. John Couch! He will be working with the family and Richard to further God’s will and Kingdom in Orange County! This week John takes a look at a basic principle used across many disciplines. From machine shops to corporate management: KISS or Keep It Simple…

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

One of the problems that we have when it comes to spiritual maturity is not being able to see ourselves as we really are. The only way we can grow to spiritual maturity is to be honest with ourselves and then look to God’s work for guidance.
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