Sermons on Christian Living

Sermons on Christian Living

Soul Food

When we think of soul food, we think of mac and cheese, creamed spinach maybe, chicken fried steak; all the kinds of fair that put southern cooking on the map. But what Jesus is talking about in this week’s lesson, and what John is delving into, is true soul food. A kind of food that sustains salvation and eternal life.

Amazed by Faith

In this week’s lesson, Richard goes into all the great things that can be done through faith in Christ. When we truly have faith, anything is possible. After all faith can move mountains, can’t it?

I Am Not Ashamed

Are you ashamed of sharing your faith? Are you ashamed to let people know about you being a Christian? Are you ashamed of Jesus and what he did for you? The answer “no” may pop out of your mouth pretty quickly. But This week Richard goes into the Word and asks us to use it to examine our life and behaviors.

It Starts With You

This week John uses the story of the Titanic to illustrate what can happen when we all take responsibility for the souls of the world. The crew of the Titanic did not do all they could to save the lives of most of the passengers of that lost ship. Will we be any different? Will we take action? Our duty is no less grave than the duties of that crew. Our efforts, bolstered…

God’s Opinion Matters

Everyone has an one. Depending on who’s it is, it may carry more or less weight. When it comes to life, faith and our souls, there really is only one opinion that matters: God’s.  So who’s are you going to listen to? You’re own? You’re neighbor’s? The news

The Problem with Suffering

This week we take a lesson about suffering from Job. When we have hardships in our lives we can start do doubt God and his plan. Bad things happen to everyone, and it doesn’t always help to be told it’s “for a reason”. However, this week we will try to make sense of pain in our life.

Finding Yourself at the Cross

We all have places that make us think. Many of them connect us to our heritage and family. The cross is THE place that grounds us in our spiritual heritage. As christians, we go to that place to regroup, to find balance and to contemplate who we are. While we go to certain geological locations to perhaps find peace of mind, or get away from stress, or to just get back in…

Any Bush Will Do

When God wants to accomplish something, any bush will do, or, any person for that matter. God uses the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary.  Just as there was nothing superb or extraordinary about the bush that God chose to talk to Moses through, we are all common people. However, through God’s power and grace, we can do wondrous things in His name!


Inertia is a scientific law of the universe. Without digging into Hawkins or Einstein or Newton, a simple way to put it is: “an object which is in motion, tends to stay in motion while and object at rest tends to stay at rest.”  All matter in the universe obeys this law. Things do not want to change; this applies to people as well. There is a spiritual lesson in this.…
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